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About The Good Governance Project

What is the Good Governance Project [GGP]?

We are a non-partisan, student-driven initiative at Boston College Law School and the BC Clough Center for Constitutional Democracy. We advocate for faith in democracy, and for democratic structures worth of faith; inclusive, equitable and responsive. Using our Democracy Maps, we aggregate voices from across the state to advance discussion on key governance issues. We also provide legal support to pro-democracy organizations and legislators, and host events to galvanize and encourage faith in democracy.

The GGP Priorities

After studying our political institutions in the fall and winter, the GGP students identified three state legislative priorities to improve the quality of democracy in Massachusetts: same day registration; no-excuse absentee voting; and publicly financed campaigns. While there are many other legislative improvements to make to our democracy, which we identify here, these three priorities reflect the impactful, pragmatic, and common ground changes the GGP hopes to advance.

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GGP Statement of Shared Values

Core values: humility, curiousity, compassion

  • We believe a better quality democracy can better serve the public interests
  • We focus on non-partisan means of governing - not partisan ends
  • We have a strong preference for diverse membership – including political diversity
  • We strive to give credence to the sincerity of others
  • We know our voice is louder in local and state politics
  • We prefer accurate statements over absolute statements
  • We listen generously
  • We have a responsibility to be our authentic selves
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