Professors, student groups, public officials, for-profits and non-profits can add their position to our map:

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Democracy Maps

Democracy Maps

This platform is a product of a partnership with the Boston Chapter of Code for America. We hope this digital public space can facilitate more meaningful public discussion of important democracy issues. We also hope this type of digital public space is utilized for other issues, and in other states. Our source code is publicly available on our Github. We created three maps, one for each priority, and overlaid our senate and representative districts over each map. We then graded our legislators' previous votes and co-sponsorships relevant to our priorities, and color-coded the districts accordingly. While this information is not perfectly indicative of our legislator's views and actions (read our disclaimer here), it is the entirety of what is publicly available. We firmly believe that improving public access to such information, and embracing innovation as a means to do so, is critical for a healthy democracy in the digital age – which is why that is the subject of our main 2021 initiative.

For-profits, non-profits, student groups, professors, and public officials can “add their voice” to our maps, geotag their location, and make a statement on each priority. Please complete this form to endorse or object to each GGP priority, and to make a statement on one or more of our issues (suggested length, 2-4 sentences). Currently, the voices of thought-leaders and constituent groups are drowned out of the political process by the influence of corporations and wealthy donors, and undervalued by profit-driven algorithms on media platforms. We hope this space can be leveraged so that the voices of constituents and stakeholders can be better heard.

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